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About Grammar Checker

online Spell and Grammar Checker tool

This online Spell and Grammar Checker tool allows you to check spelling, grammar mistakes and helps you to correct punctuation and contextual mistakes. This tool enables you to correct the most complex mistakes, with a high degree of perfection and speed, and to improve your written skills in more than 25 languages. This online tool is based on the context of complete sentences, Spell and Grammar Checker tool uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and misused words, with unmatched accuracy.

In the case of English content, you can check it according to multiple accents like British English, American English, Canadian English, South Africa English, New Zealand English and Australian English. This would help you in expressing your opinion to the native audience more clearly.

Checking grammar has never been easier. Sometimes a shining mind is not enough to make a good text document. Grammatical errors can feel like the most tedious thing to do in the world. Plus, it can take quite a long time. And after the boring procedure, there is no guarantee that your work will be flawless. Our online grammar checker tool corrects the whole sentences with a single. With a free grammar checker, you can scan your writing for hundreds of types of language grammar mistakes in more than 25 languages. Apply suggested corrections instantly and enjoy the confidence of knowing your work is polished and error-free.

How Grammar Checker tool works

First, write out your text as usual in any word processing program you want to. When you enter the text or copy/paste it from somewhere, it identifies spelling and grammatical mistakes in the text. Spelling mistakes are displayed as red underline, while grammatical mistakes are shown as green underline. When you click on the underlined word or sentence, this grammar checking tool automatically replaces it with the correct word or sentence. To use the tool, follow these steps:

  • Copy and paste your content into the text box provided
  • Choose the language used in the text. Correct grammar Online supports American English, British English among other versions of the English language, as well as over 25 other world languages including French, Spanish, German, and even Chinese
  • Once your text is pasted and you’ve selected the right language, click on the Check Grammar button under the text box
  • Text Corrector will instantly highlight potential errors as follows:
    • Spelling errors: highlighted in Red
    • Grammar, punctuation, and syntax: highlighted in Yellow
  • The next step is to click on the highlighted text or phrase to see the explanation for the error + its suggested correction.

A writer while writing a specific content or article can make many grammatical mistakes. The grammar Checker tool corrects all types of grammatical errors as well as topics that are not addressed by any other grammar correction program. Here are some examples:

  • Active/Passive Voice Mistakes
  • Spelling Mistakes
  • Redundant Expression
  • Proper Form of Verbs and Tenses
  • Fragmentation of Sentence
  • Invalid/Wrong Pronoun Reference

You can use this handy tool in a few easy steps:

Get started by visiting:

You can type the text directly into the text box or copy/paste your text in the given box or upload your document.

Feel free to choose a country and language as per your requirements.

After selecting language and country, you have to hit “Check Text”. The tool will process your document and highlight mistakes.

You can check the highlighted words and change them as per suggestions. If you are tired of spelling and grammar errors, this tool works really well for you. This user-friendly and innovative tool can highlight all possible errors.

In the end, our Grammar Checker tool is totally free there is no sign-in or sign-up required to use this tool. It is entirely up to you if you wish to sign-up and join our newsletters list to stay updated about our other tools and much more.

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